Rooh Bear (roohbear) wrote,
Rooh Bear


Nancy-bear giving us some love for fixing her printer :-)

G-bear and we are doing good. G-Bear has been employed steadily for the past 3 months now and though our savings are still really low, we're surviving and getting the mortgage paid every month.

G-bear met a girl named Catherine today and he's going to write an iPhone app for her that lets people use their iPhones to remember places they've been to. He did a similar app for someone else but it never made it into the App store. Maybe this one will.

He's also working on a game that uses SpriteKit. Imagine a bunch of rubber balls bouncing around the screen and you have to tap on the balls that are the correct color and size, etc. That's the basics of it anyway.

Christmas is coming up and G-bear is hoping to get a guitar similar to the one David Gilmour from Pink Floyd uses.

Not much else going on. No trips planned. G-bear's birthday is coming up, though. We won a free dinner at a place called Formoso, so that's nice.
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