Rooh Bear (roohbear) wrote,
Rooh Bear

Vacation to Panama!

G-bear took us to Panama last week! He took me, Fooh, Rare-bear, Share-bear, Fair-bear, and the brown bear shoes from Adidas! We had a great time!

Here's a picture of G-Bear, me, and Fooh at the pool!  G-Bear is holding Fooh tightly so he won't fall in :-)

Me and Fooh on a island at the pool by ourselves!

From left to right, that's Rare bear, Fair bear, Fooh bear, me Rooh bear, and Share bear in our hotel room. We had the couch and G-bear had the bed, though we would often switch.

Here we are relaxing by the beach, but don't worry... we have sun protection on! We want to stay the same shade of brown :-)

Here we are by the main pool!  On a windy day, we would either get blown into the pool behind us or fall down the drain. Either way, we would get very wet!

Here we are gazing out to the Pacific ocean and wondering what lies out there.

Here we are watching a boat go through the Panama Canal! Isn't it nice how the other tourists moved out of the way, so G-Bear could take this nice photo?  Tourists are so nice!

Check out all these shells we found on the shore!  Bears sell sea shells by the sea shore!

I met a girl at a market in Panama!  G-Bear brought her home for me, but alas, she has a kid!

Here we are at one of the restaurants at the resort. To my right is a spring roll but I didn't eat it because it was cold and it fell on the floor.
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