Rooh Bear (roohbear) wrote,
Rooh Bear

We're 20!

We're now 20 years old!

Our birthday started out great but ended up very bad, mostly for G-bear.

In the morning, G-Bear gave me a chocolate bear paw and he gave Fooh a chocolate-covered caramel apple. They were great!  He then took us to the aquarium and went to work.  After work, we went to the movies but while waiting for a movie to start, he got some nasty text messages from Nancy-bear, our friend and real-estate agent.

Fooh with his chocolate candy apple, and me with my chocolate bear paw\

Fooh and I at the Toronto Aquarium.

It doesn't matter what Nancy-bear said because she ended up apologizing 2 weeks later and things seem to be back to normal now despite G-Bear being virtually stabbed in the heart. In those two weeks, G-bear was not in a good state. He was like a zombie. So empty inside. So distraught and no amount of bear hugs would make him feel any better. He thought he lost his best friend a 2 others who worked with her.

G-Bear's productivity at work went down hill and he got in trouble with his boss. He spent all day writing a document that should have only taken 2 hours. It was not a good time.

This week, however, we have some happy thoughts and memories plus we got a bath!  We smell so clean now!

We met a new girl-bear!  Her name is Mary and she works with Nancy as an assistant. She's nice!  Plus, she has soft and warm hands. Welcome to the blog, Mary-bear!

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