Bear thoughts and memories

Another big update to write!  Fooh and I are doing good.  GBear is still working and making money. He's keeping busy to keep his mind off of Nancy-bear who we've written about many times (aka NBear). She hates or fears him now. It's very strange why she pushed him away. It makes no sense. Last December/January, she seemed nice and I think in February, she invited GBear over for a coffee.  He leaves a gift in her mailbox to mend the friendship they had and she calls the police on him. GBear tries to reach out and the police are called again. It's understandable he would be upset and angry. She calls the police on him again and now GBear has to defend himself in court.  I'm helping as best I can but it's hard.  So unfair.  After all he did for her, too.

GBear's friends are leaving in droves. Some call or write, but we think they just want something or want computer help. The only good friend who understands and sticks by is Roannie, who is gay. Why do I mention that? Maybe because she has courage to speak her mind and says what she means. Seems very honest. She makes and sells dog shoes and was there in Colombia when we almost got stolen. What a horrible day that was!  Roannie really pulled through. She's great.

There isn't a whole lot to write about since my last post. GBear just works a lot and comes home. He's making a little money, but not saving it. The web site he loves to work on drains all our savings but one day we'll sell it all and be ok (maybe). 

Looks like we're going on a big trip!  On December 18th, we go to Puerto Vallarta for a few days and stay with GBears friend named Laura. Then we make our way to Mexico City where we stay for a few days, Cancun for a few days, Tullum for a few days and Belize City for a few days.  Looks like GBear will spend his birthday in either Tullum or Belize, so that should be interesting!  After that, we go to Panama City for a few days then Quito Ecuador for a few days which is right on the equator. Should be interesting!  It'll be a month-long trip with a nice mix of flying, driving, bus, taxi, or whatever.  Like last year, GBear will not wear pants the entire time. It'll be shorts or even less if possible (especially on his birthday).


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